About Us

Clear Talk started out as a small organization dedicated to providing customized services and superior value for our customers. Since then, we have grown – and so have our customers – but our dedication remains the same. Whether our customers are big or small, they get the same customized service and superior value. Along the way, Clear Talk earned the right to become an Authorized Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer offering the full line of Motorola’s Commercial and Governmental product line. Products include two-way radios and systems, wireless networking, E911 dispatch consoles, paging and telemetry.

Our Promise

Clear Talk promises to provide fast, efficient, customized wireless repair service and knowledgeable sales personnel to meet the needs of our customers. We will prove we are the best at what we do – every time!


Sending your wireless devices out for repair work can be like letting a teenager borrow your car – you are not sure exactly where they are going and you are not sure exactly when they will be back. With Clear Talk, it is different. We provide precise tracking on all of our customers’ orders and repairs. We can even generate a tracking slip and email it to you. Pronto. With Clear Talk, you will never have to wonder where your gear is and when it is coming back.


Our central location makes it convenient to dispatch service technicians to any central Illinois location. Clear Talks' downstate Illinois headquarters gives us a big advantage compared to the cost of operating in a major-market city. Those saving’s are passed on to our customers. With a sales and delivery staff assigned to various territories throughout Illinois, our customers have become accustomed to dealing with our sales and delivery staff in person. Because our staff is always in your area, Clear Talk does not charge our customers for pickup and delivery of products and repairs.

Cost Effective

The successful implementation and repair of communications equipment represents the combination of skill, technique and knowledge. At Clear Talk we offer a level of competence that you simply will not find elsewhere. Many shops take shortcuts: like fixing a defective component by replacing an entire circuit board or allowing unqualified personnel to perform the design. At Clear Talk, we do things right. We have the personnel, expertise and equipment to track the source of the problem and meet the needs of our customers. Clear Talks' technicians and sales staff are also experienced at working with equipment that will be used in hazardous environments. We make sure all shielding and spark suppression equipment is functioning correctly for the environment for which it is being used. You can trust Clear Talk for your wireless equipment sales and service needs.



Our RF experts conduct DAS Site Surveys with cutting-edge precision before engineering the most effective and appropriate system for you.


Our certified and experienced DAS project management team will ensure your project runs smoothly and within projected timelines.


Our licensed, experienced professionals hold PE, GROL, iBwave, and RCDD certifications, and can design for any size and shape of building.


Our team of expert integrators install, commission, certify, and optimize systems that will extend, amplify, and optimize indoor signal strength, coverage, and quality.

RF Grid Testing & Grid Reporting

Grid testing for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERCES) is law required by most AHJs and also covered in IFC 510, NFPA 1221 and by NFPA 72, to ensure adequate signal coverage throughout a building.

Ongoing Support

Every system needs periodic maintenance or repairs to ensure the system is available and reliable when users need it most.