Wide Area Coverage Solutions

3 WWW.CLEAR-TALK.COM 888-335-8884 LAND MOBILE RADIO WANTED: SEAMLESS INTEGRATION ACROSS ALL DEVICES According to a recent Motorola Solutions survey of more than 400 transportation and logistics companies, 92% say they want streamlined integration across devices in order to respond faster in emergency situations, enable team communications from any location or device, and to more quickly resolve problems and answer customer inquiries. To communicate, most workers (78%) compensate for the lack of an integrated solution by carrying multiple devices. While the majority of workers with multiple devices (64%) are carrying only two, 17% are carrying three devices, and the remainder are using more than three devices to communicate with coworkers. While some of these devices are purpose-built for industrial communications — two-way radios are used by 67% of T&L firms, for example – others, such as smartphones, can cause additional delays due to cargo theft, which occurs four times more frequently and happens during transit 90% of the time. Other issues include gaps in coverage, insufficient battery power, and lack of sturdy design. Smartphones and other devices also raise the specter of distracted driving along with associated government safety regulations. The trucking industry has responded with several measures meant to address the problem, such as vehicle tracking and installing two- way radios in vehicles. With the ability to communicate instantly without boundaries, with added intelligence, and with confidence, team communications are vital in a distribution environment where smaller orders are being shipped faster, and where customers expect two-day or next day delivery windows.