Our Services

  • Equipment Repair
    Equipment Repair

    The knowledgeable and experienced staff at Clear Talk will help facilitate your equipment repairs. Whether you bring your equipment to our location or call us to coordinate shipping, we will get your equipment repaired and back into service as fast as we possibly can.

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  • Engineering Services
    Engineering Services

    Clear Talk's on staff engineers have years of experience in designing all types of communications and technology systems. We specialize in wireless communications for Federal, State, and local governments but also provide services to commercial carriers and independent system owners.

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  • Equipment Leasing
    Equipment Leasing

    We have partnered with Lease Corporation of America (LCA) to offer a customer-friendly financing program for its products. LCA offers an easy to use leasing option that includes a simple one-page credit application, credit turnaround in less than four hours and personalized service for any questions you may have about financing.

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  • FCC Licensing
    FCC Licensing

    Clear Talk works closely with a licensed frequency coordinator on current FCC licensing requirements. We can assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future. Find out what licensing best fits your needs today.

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  • Radio & Device Management
    Radio & Device Management

    For organizations and agencies who rely on two-way radios for critical, real-time communications performance cannot be compromised. The stakes are simply too high. It’s imperative to have the right resources and tools to address issues that could result in radio downtime or inefficiencies.

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  • Maintenance Contracts
    Maintenance Contracts

    Put your Motorola communication equipment on a Maintenance Agreement and Save Time and Money before it's too late.

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  • System Management
    System Management

    Clear Talk can work with you to install, manage and maintain your current two-way radio system.

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  • Two-way Radio Rentals
    Two-way Radio Rentals

    We own and operate a large two-way radio rental fleet. Please contact us for your next event.

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  • Warranty Information
    Warranty Information

    Everyday, you rely on your Motorola MOTOTRBO radios for your critical communications. Now, you can protect these radios against normal wear and tear and more with Service from the Start – one of the most extensive service offerings available. You can also check out our other warranty options.

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